Toy Story for Video Games, ladies and gents.We put together an audio review for the movie Wreck-It-Ralph. Check it out, read the blog, or *GASP*… both!

The Podcast – Wreck-It-Ralph Review (19 min.)

Frankie and I have been hyped for Wreck-It-Ralph since the first trailer hit. The idea of a Toy Story for video games was too good to pass up, so last Friday we rounded up everyone we could and caught the last showing of the movie.

We were not disappointed.

The movie is about an 8-bit video game villain who’s tired of doing his job and getting no love for it. The people of his game, Fix It Felix Jr., love the game’s title character, yet Ralph is forced to live in a dump near the penthouse apartment they live it up in. Basically, Ralph’s like Sesame Street’s Oscar, but with fewer friends. Tired of his lot in life, Ralph decides to game-hop, searching for a way to become a hero, and, by extension, hoping to be accepted by the people of his game world.

The movie is chock-full of cameos. Zangief and Pac-Man’s Clyde try to talk up the idea of being a bad guy, Sonic gives helpful advice (harkening back to the ol’ Sonic Sez days), and Ken and Ryu can be seen heading over to Tappers for some beers after their match. It’ll take a few viewings to catch all the cameos, and some of them, like Dig Dug, are only on the screen for a few seconds, but as gamers, we’re not adverse to having to dig for secrets, are we? On a side note, Frank and I were sad to find out the green-tentacled monster in the movie is NOT a Beholder, but that’s about our only real disappointment with the movie.

There are a few harsh reviews of the movie online, and not everyone Frank and I went with loved the movie, but if you are in any way a fan of games, you owe it to yourself to check the movie out. Wreck-It-Ralph is a love letter to classic gaming, and I’m going to see it again tonight.

Have you seen the movie? Let us know what you think in the comments.



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