Friendly, generous, and in possession of a great sense of humor. These are words used to describe Beth when she is not roleplaying. Working as a receptionist at a trailer factory, Beth uses this time to work on backstories for her character Dio, a paladin who worships Iommi, The God Of Tenacity. She helps take care of her father and doesn’t regret not going to college.

Currently Beth is dating Quincy, another player in the group. They began dating during what the group calls The Dark Time, a two year span where Anna refused to run a game for them. They survived only by finding comfort in each others arms during that time.

Notable Strips: Holy Diver | Thunderdome | Two Years Later – Part 1



At the age of five CJ declared himself emancipated from his parents and moved out to seek his fortune. He only got a few blocks, but in his heart CJ was officially on his own. Now, he owns his own game store, which he lives above. He has systematically paired his life down to the most basic and necessary of components. Which is why it’s too bad that the only way to play tabletop games is with other people. Otherwise he’d have everything right where he planned it, or so he says. CJ plays Pullman, a gnome wizard who is exactly like him.

CJ and Howard met in grade school and though it may not seem like it, CJ considers Howard a friend. This is fortunate for Howard as he’s recently lost his apartment and would be homeless if not for CJ opening his home.

Notable Strips: You’re Welcome | The Shakes | Sleepwalk



Poems are written about the grace and elegance that Quincy brings to every gathering, every game, and every bedroom. He has written them himself. Quincy favors story over anything else. He is in love with life and navigates it with a cocky swagger and a flowery vocabulary, should he need it. It’s unclear where or even if Quincy works. While some would call that unemployment, Quincy calls it uninhibited. The net income is the same. Quincy plays Ji’an, a monk of indeterminate race.

Quincy is dating Beth at the moment. They ended up together while Anna quit running games for the group. Quincy’s waiting for the right time to tell Beth he’s moving in, and he can’t wait to see what she has planned to celebrate.

Notable Strips: Coup de Grace – Part 6 | I’m A One-GM Kinda Guy | Conflict Resolution



The heart of the group. Despite the number of times he’s gotten players killed, or the amount of games he’s ended, the group wouldn’t know what to do without him. Howard prides himself on his ability to craft cunning plans and spot weaknesses where there are none. This is an entirely unfounded pride. He’s had many jobs in his time, though currently he’s in the field of Automobile Squalor Prevention And Value Enhancement. He works at a car wash.

Every character Howard plays is a rogue, and every rogue is a member of the same family. The rogue he plays now is named Bendis, the son of Howard’s favorite character, Keaton.

Notable Strips: Coup de Grace – Part 3 | No Littering | Way of the Gun



The group’s Game Master, Anna’s job is to put together the stories that the players work though. Not that they’ll pay any attention to the story. When the group first started playing together, Anna found advice for reigning in her group at the bottom of a bottle. A sabbatical and a number of therapy sessions later, Anna is now able to go toe-to-toe with the group, and has even started taking joy in watching the group dig themselves further and further into trouble.

Anna doesn’t drink anymore. She works at her local library and has even started blogging, hoping to turn her gaming experience into something that resembles a paying job. She also has conversations with a poster of Gary Gygax, creator of D&D. But other than that? She’s fiiiiiine.

Notable Strips: Coup de Grace – Part 11 | Blinded By The Light – Part 3 | Twitter Famous

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