Sometimes I hate making characters for tabletop games.  I find that staring at tables of Feats and pages of spells and magical items doesn’t always work for spurring character ideas. I love playing in a game, but the work needed to be done before hand is can sometimes be frustrating. I have difficulty connecting dots together most of the time, and the longer I’m on it, the more frustrating it gets and the more likely it is that I want to scrap the character(s).

Part of me wants to say that what Pathfinder needs to do is to add new classes that can help facilitate various ideas, but Paizo already takes care of that with Archetypes, which work out way better than 3.5’s trove of classes and prestige classes. I tend to forget about archetypes because I wasn’t initially taken in by them, and afterwards I stopped checking them out. There are some really cool ones out there, like Dragoon for Fighters, Hexcrafter for Magus, and Spellslinger for Wizards (I have always wanted to play someone like Balk from Final Fantasy Tactics), but despite knowing about them, I always end up skipping them and going straight to the feats section, which I find much more dull overall, and is probably why I get frustrated.

If I had to be completely honest, I’d say that a lot of my frustration comes from character making fatigue. In the past two months, I’ve made roughly four pathfinder characters and one Cortex Plus character (with one more on the way), and I wonder if that’s where the bulk of my issues come from. I’ll also admit that the forums have made me too aware of “problems” with various classes and feats, and unfortunately I’m still stuck carrying those opinions with me when I go to make a character (not that there aren’t valid issues with classes, but always reading the negatives about a class doesn’t help).

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