I used to work at the local library. I was there for almost 11 years actually. One of the things I never understood was the blind devotion to presenting all sides.

Once, a librarian was setting up books about the President. Among the books were a few that were clearly outright fictitious. I picked one up, looked at the librarian and said “why are you putting this one out? This is obviously a book filled with fiction. It’s not true.” She looked at me and said “well, I know that. But we can’t tell the public what to think.”

I was baffled. There’s a difference between presenting information and spiking the community with REALLY erroneous material. I brought it up to several other librarians, including our boss. There was consensus, and it was that I was wrong. This just seemed so crazy to me. I’m the last one to think we should pick and choose what books to exclude. But the idea that we had to put BS on display? That was crazy to me.