This ended up being tougher to draw than I anticipated. My mom had a bit of surgery today and I was able to get half the pencils done at the hospital. I think it turned out alright thought.

It’s been a very tough decision as to whether I should change the background at all. Background elements are something I struggle with constantly. I was afraid if I changed the color of the background that I would break some sort of pseudo-continuity, but I decided to just go with a change. With a full-time job, college, and wife I want to be around all the time, and all the other stuff that goes in my life, I really had to sit down and prioritize what would and wouldn’t make it to the comic. Originally this was going to be a black and white, one-day-a-week comic. I just wouldn’t have been happy with that though. If I could, I’d do at least three a week, full color and shading, with backgrounds. Twice a week with color was my compromise. As I get faster, as time opens up, and someday, if I ever get lucky enough to do this for a living, I’ll add more visual elements. Hopefully people understand!

I can’t say enough how much Frankie and I appreciate you all taking the time to come here and read our little comic. Thanks so much for being our audience. See you Monday!