Sometimes the comic requires a little bit of tabletop knowledge, but this one probably asks more than other strips. If you don’t know, in many editions and versions of Dungeons and Dragons, a Paladin is granted his or her powers by a deity. If the Paladin acts in disservice of the deity, he or she can find herself stripped of her powers. Some GMs love to set traps for their Paladin players, reveling in the act of neutering a character. Other GMs ignore the rule almost completely, not wanting to hold players back from their actions. Most GMs that I know fall in the former group.

I myself try not to “trap” players, but I do sometimes enjoy watching a Paladin fall. It has the opportunity to create great roleplaying opportunties, if the GM takes the chance. Often the player involved will feel like the GM is punishing them. Which… I mean. That’s probably true.

I could write a whole blog on this subject. Maybe I’ll punch that up over the weekend.