Woof. That was a lot of comic.

As you may have noticed, we’ve named each comic in this storyline after a song. We highly encourage you to look up the songs and listen to them. In most cases they are pretty good. (Sometimes Frankie picked the title of the comic; because of this, I cannot guarantee quality).

Today’s is extra special though. Our comic today is named after a song by a local artist named Elspeth Eastman. Her music is pretty diverse, but we’re particular to Hero of the Day, a song that celebrates and lampshades the trials and tribulations of heroes. Besides writing amazing music, she has a YouTube channel called Rated E, where she plays games for our amusement, and I can’t recommend those videos enough.

Take some time and check Elspeth’s work out. You’ll be glad you did.

Another blog post will be up by the afternoon today, so keep a lookout for that. We’ll fill you in on the podcast we did, and some new things coming to the comic. Stay tuned!