I never thought I’d be here.

When it came to potential creative works, a webcomic was not on the table for me. Certainly, I love webcomics (read’em every day!). I follow webcartoonists on twitter and listen to webcomic podcasts. But I never really thought about working on one myself. Imagine my surprise when I find myself working on a comic with my brother!

This is kind of wild to me. I’m working on an actual creative endeavor here, one that people world wide will be able to see. It was different before when I was simply writing a blog so that my friends can read it. Now I’m writing a comic with my brother, and it’s out there for an audience larger than five people. I’m pretty excited about it.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time here as much as I’m enjoying this! Writing a comic with Pedro is pretty awesome, and I don’t know that I would trade it for anything else.


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