I’m playing World of Warcraft again. This tends to happen in cycles, it seems; Sometimes WoW is amazing and awesome and I couldn’t imagine playing anything else, other times the game is the absolute worst thing on earth, and that new game on the horizon (SW:TOR or GW2 were the games last time) are going to blow it out of the water and into a tar pit. For right now, we’re back on “Amazing and awesome”.

The new expansion introduces a new race called Pandaren. As you can probably guess, Pandarens are a race of Panda like people who come from a place called Pandaria. (the naming convention here is funny, I know). Pedro and I are one of the many people who have created Pandaren characters, with him making a monk and myself playing a hunter.

Before the expansion hit, I played a dwarf mage primarily. He was primed to be my main in the expansion when Pedro and I got high enough to enter the new areas. I had set him up pretty nicely, with his professions maxed out from the previous expansion, and farmed up a nice chunk of honor ready to be used for the purchase of gear come season 12.

And now my hunter is poised to throw all that into chaos.

Kukuku and Banjo. Together, they are Team Big Red.

Kukuru (my hunter) ended up be a lot more fun than I initially thought she’d be.  At first, the class didn’t really grab me, it was just something I was leveling to play with my brother’s monk while he leveled. It wasn’t until just recently that something just started clicking with her. Maybe it was me getting something of a grasp of who she is and what she thinks, maybe it was switching to Beast Master spec and getting a core hound. Whatever it was,  it’s stuck with me, and now I’ve got a decision to make regarding who gets to enter Panderia with Pedro’s Monk.

From an RP standpoint, the clear winner is Kukuru: She was with Pazmo (Pedro’s Monk) from the beginning. They went through everything together: From the arrival of the Horde and Alliance on the Wandering Isle, to being introduced into the Alliance by the King, to quelling riots inside the Violet Hold, and finally braving the terrible experience that is the 80-85 zones introduced in the Cataclysm expansion. At this point, Kukuru and Pazmo are something like war buddies, and I don’t know that I should really abandon that dynamic.

On the other hand, Kazalt (my mage) is a lot of fun as well. I don’t know much about him RP wise, but I do know he’s got all the things mentioned above and more ready. Pazmo and Kazalt would be a pretty beastly team together. Plus, he’s a mage. Mage will always be good in almost every situation, and I know how to play the class fairly well in most cases, unlike hunter, which I still make mistakes on. I also love the way Kazalt looks: Dwarves always look bad ass in most situation, and no mage is more bad ass than a dwarven mage.

So, yeah. I don’t know what I’ll do yet. My gut tells me Kukuru, but my head tells me Kazalt. What do you guys think? Should I simply go with my gut, or do the smart thing and go Kazalt because he’s more prepared for this, or does that even matter?

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